KOSA Acupuncture proudly presents How To Treat Hypothyroidism and Testimonials

How to treat hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism is simply due to unhealthy organs of stomach and liver. Thus, treating them and other organs responsible for other overlapping conditions all at once is the key. Learn more: http://saahm.proboards.com/thread/393/treat-hypothyroidism Testimonials #1 Learn more: http://saahm.proboards.com/thread/605/fibromyalgia-osteo-arthritis-migraine-testimonial #2 Learn more: http://saahm.proboards.com/thread/827/hypothyroidism-2 Credit for the top photo: By Mikael Häggström.When using this image […]

A hypothyroidism patient of Master Kim shows her appreciation

A hypothyroidism patient of min brought this camel in on Sat. 08/12/2017 after completing 4 weeks of happy overseas trip to her back home. Before this trip, she and I were much concerned about the possibilities of her health problems due to hypothyroidism. She had had suffered 10+ years of pains, aches and discomforts even […]

8 Fingernail Health Warnings You Should Never Ignore

We don’t usually associate our fingernails with our health, but there are some fingernail health warnings you should never ignore. Have you ever really stopped to look at your nails? Back when I was younger, and of poor health, my nails always had issues. They were brittle, and often had white spots on them. At […]

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KOSA Acupuncture catches all the birds with a stone, whether Acute or Chronic, Injury or Disorder, Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Mental, or Intellectual, Simple or Complicated, Easy or Challenging, and Single or Multiple Click the icon for FAQ and Q&A. Click the condition in blue color to learn more about How to treat it and Testimonials. […]