Chia Seeds Ultimate Guide – Health Benefits & Easy Recipes

According to popular legend, the word “chia”, as in chia seeds, comes from the ancient Mayan word for strength. The story could very well be true since these little seeds have all kinds of health benefits, many of which would add up to promoting strength. Nutritional values of chia seeds (per 100g, unsoaked)Calories – 486 […]

9 Chia Seeds Benefits + Side Effects

Chia seeds (salvia hispanica) have become one of the most popular superfoods in the health community. They’re easy to digest when prepared properly and a very versatile ingredient that adds easily to recipes. Plus, chia seeds benefits are plentiful. Chia seeds are the best-kept secret of the nutrition industry! Download our simple guide to learn […]

Omega-3 Power Seeds: Chia, Hemp And Flax – What They Can And Cannot Do For Vegans. Omega 6 Rich Foods That Can Interfere With The Body’s Ability To Make EPA & DHA If Eaten In Excess.

Omega-3 – Still a Hot Topic Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid critical for heart health, brain development, reducing inflammation and joint pain, managing depression, preventing dry eyes, lowering cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure, protecting bone health and more. There are 3 types of omega 3 fatty acids, each of which are needed in […]

7 Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds You Won’t Believe

For a long time, hemp seeds were ignored for their nutritional benefits because of hemp’s botanical relationship to medicinal varieties of cannabis. However, hemp seeds don’t cause any psychotropic reactions and instead may provide significant health benefits because of hemp’s unique nutritional profile. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant that actually has a long […]

Everything about Hemp Seeds

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Seeds? You’ve heard the buzz about hemp seeds, but you’re not sure you want to add it to your diet because of random drug tests at work. Well, you can put your worries to rest. While it may look like marijuana, the hemp plant is actually a different species […]

Top 12 Cancer Helping Foods

Top 12 Cancer Fighting Foods Cancer is a curable disease provided it is diagnosed early. However a better option would be to pro actively manage and prevent the birth and multiplication of cancer cells. The following 12 cancer fighting foods could be very useful in preventing the dreaded disease taking roots in the body. Green […]

Everything About Food and Health

Hippocrates (460‐377 B.C.) said, “LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE.” KOSA makes no medical claims, and its purpose is purely informative. KOSA also does not intend to promote any particular cure, nor do they suggest that patients should eventually abandon their ongoing therapies in favor of any others. KOSA also acknowledge that information in this […]