An elementary school girl who is one of Master Kim's patients drew this for Master Kim in 2014
to show her appreciation for saving her mom who is also in the picture.

Our Approach

Our mission is to lose our patients as soon as possible.

♥ Improve emotional, psychological, mental and intellectual tolerances and capacities at once
♥ Provide our patients with accurate information to expedite healing process
♥ Budget and time of patients are not only theirs but also ours.
♥ Improve patient's health so good that they don't even have to depend on drugs

Our Story

KOSA has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Master Kim, L.Ac., M.Sc. has also successfully proven that KOSA is The Best Acupuncture In The World by treating his patients with very high success rate and teaching people including physicians and acupuncturists around the world.

Meet the Heroes

Oriental medicine including TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a history of thousands of years. However, nobody knew how to properly utilize Yin & Yang and Five Elements theory.

Below heroes dedicated their lives to mankind by inventing and advancing KOSA, The Best Acupuncture In The World.


The Great Ascetic Saahm

400 Yeas Ago, Invented The Perfect Formula Completing The Theory of Yin, Yang & Five Element, which is Thousands Years Old.

Although his real name has never been revealed, it is told that he spent 13 years living in a cave to invent the system.

Master Rhee

Master Rhee, JaeWon

Master Kim, The Teacher of Master Kim's Parents

Rediscovered The Great Ascetic Saahm's work buried in grave yard for 400 years and studied it. Also, treated many people successfully and taught his students.


Master Kim, HyungGwan

Master Kim's Father

Completed the predecessors' great work and proved the thesis is not just a thesis but a great healing system that no other acupuncture can come close.

Master Kim

Master Kim

  • Licensed by the State of Maryland
  • Practicing KOSA since 2012
  • Wrote a book, 'The Silver Bullet, KOSA (Korean Orthodox Saahm Acupuncture) - NeedleLess Acupuncture' in 2012.
  • Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Southern California University (School of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture)
  • Teaching KOSA to Physicians and Acupuncturists around the world since 2004
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering from Korea University
  • Has successfully treated challenging conditions with very high success rate

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  • A Patient Of Master Kim Said "You Have Nothing To Lose But Pains."

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