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agwaste - Asthma and milk

I usually ask my patients to stop consuming anything from cows, goats, and lambs like meat, milk, butter, cheese and etc.

Those animals are usually fed with GMO (genetically modified organisms), like corns.

GMOs alone are deemed unhealthy and they will have to contain glyphosate (RoundUp or herbicide), insecticides, and pesticides.

GMO corns are like 90% of those animals’ feed and corn has Omega 6 to 3 ratio with 46:1. Since those animals have to concentrate Omega 6 their ratio can be 200:1 while human body’s ideal ratio is 1~5:1. This imbalanced Omega 6 to 3 ratio alone is good enough to make those animals unhealthy.

If those animals can run around, they might lose weight, which is money to the farmers and of course, farmers will have to make those animals live in very confined space, which is called CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). In other words, they are all with very severe obesity, which makes them unhealthy.
Farmers would want them grow quick and add growth hormones to their feeds, which will make them even more unhealthy.

As a result, all the animals raised in CAFO have to be considered all sick and with certain disorders.
Who would spend money for annual check ups on them?

The easiest way not to make them cripple down before getting slaughtered is to add antibiotics.
Depending on report, 67% to 80% of the antibiotics made in US is consumed by the animals in CAFO.

Now I hope the readers understand how unhealthy eating foods from them can be.

Chicken, Turkey, Pig, Tilapia, Salmon, Shrimp, Catfish, and etc. which are raised in a farm have to be avoided no matter what.

A patient, 70s years old, with asthma for decades had to use inhaler every single day.

With the first session of KOSA acupuncture treatment, he didn’t have to use inhaler any more
and his asthma had totally gone after 20 sessions with other overlapping conditions like knees pain.

Two weeks later, he had to come back because he started to cough again, which is very unusual.
When he came back it was discovered that he drank a half glass of milk because he forgot my recommendations.
Just a half glass of milk alone was unhealthy enough to bring the asthma back to him.

Most of the modern diseases and disorders are due to inflammation.

In our theory, cow, lamb and goat are categorized in Earth element and good to raise the temperature of organs.
In other words, they may cause serious damage to organs.

Hippocrates said, “Let thy food thy medicine.”


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