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KOSA makes no medical claims, and its purpose is purely informative. KOSA also does not intend to promote any particular cure, nor do they suggest that patients should eventually abandon their ongoing therapies in favor of any others. KOSA also acknowledge that information in this thread may not be all true.

Inflammation, aches and pains, tumors, cancer, and even emotional and/or psychological issues, can be traced to “inflamed” (too hot) organs.

Thus, KOSA recommends that you eliminate the following from your diet starting immediately (pending satisfactory improvement).

  • All dairy products, including meat, cheese, butter, milk etc. from cow, sheep, lamb and goat
  • Ginseng, dates, jujube (Chinese date), processed foods, and honey
  • Watch the movie Food Inc.

Brain is under control of organs.

  • Emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, intellectual characteristics interact with organs' health.
  • Fear harms the kidney and bladder, which are in charge of bones and marrows. Especially, kidney is in charge of reproductive organs.
  • Anger is the worst emotion can hurt you and it will immediately damage liver and gallbladder, which are in charge of muscles, sinews, eyeballs, and vision. Especially, liver is additionally responsible for reproductive organs and is the master organ overseeing all other organs' self-healing activities.

Eat and drink less amount with less frequency, any liquids including water.

After a meal your stomach works hard digesting for 2 to 5 hours. In order for the stomach to do its job, heart needs to pump harder, which increases blood pressure and heart rate. Increased heart rate can negatively affect other organs including the liver and symptoms. Simply drinking a glass of water may put extra burden on the stomach, which in turn might result in even faster heart rate and/or increased blood pressure. Thus, KOSA recommends to eat and drink less amount with less frequency, any liquids including water. Drinking water properly is as important as eating food. Need to wake up to urinate indicates that you are already drinking too much water and/or kidneys and/or bladder are unhealthy.

Learn more: The Myth Behind Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day and KOSA’s Theory

The truth cannot be judged by voting.

Sleep is one of the best medicine you can get for free.

  • Go to bed with empty stomach. While you are sleeping with empty stomach, your liver can focus on self-healing most effectively.
  • You need to lose weight while you are sleeping.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day and don't do any exercise except for walking. This will allow the liver to concentrate on self-healing.

Walking at least 30 minutes once a day

  • It will help the liver.
  • Don't stop walking once you started to walk.
  • You don't need to walk fast.
  • If walking exercise causes any pain or discomfort, stop it immediately.

Avoid standing

which harms kidney and bladder. When you are in a line to wait for something, walk in place instead of standing still.

Pains, discomforts and other health concerns

  • (inflammation, irritation, itching, tremor, tumor, lesions, and etc.) are usually the indications of hot organs.
  • Don't: Yoga, stretching, physical therapy, massage therapy, hot pack and etc., which would raise the temperature. If you prefer to have them, stop immediately as soon as you feel relief.
  • Do: Cold pack (but if you feel discomfort, stop it immediately) and try to be a couch potato (don't move, simply) as long as possible.
  • Stop therapies of chiropractic, physical, and massage immediately as soon as pain and/or discomfort has been reduced satisfactorily. The final form of all kinetic energy is heat and the extended therapies may cause more severe inflammation in the long run.

Chew your food properly

  • Try to avoid SMOOTHIE and JUICE because it would not allow your saliva to be mixed with it.
  • Take smaller bites of food to begin with (it’s easier to chew smaller morsels)
  • Chew slowly and steadily
  • Chew until your mouthful of food is liquefied or lost all of its texture
  • Finish chewing and swallowing completely before taking another bite of food
  • Wait to drink fluids until you’ve swallowed
  • Learn more: 7 Important Reasons to Properly Chew Your Food

KOREAN LEEKS (or CHIVES) help the liver and/or gallbladder, and serve to clean the blood, according to traditional Asian medicine. Images of Korean leeks

Benefits of pork

In Asian medicine theory, the PIG shares characteristics of WATER, and thus may act as an anti‐inflammatory, and/or have antibiotic properties. Thus, you can eat pork in the form of ribs, pork chops, bacon etc., as long as your body tolerates it. Most of pork's fat melts in our body temperature.


Barley shares characteristics of Earth and may help kidneys and bladder. Images of barley

Other Healthy Foods

Coconut Oil: http://saahm.net/?s=coconut+oil

Cannabis (Hemp):

Chia seeds: http://saahm.net/?s=chia+seeds

Flax seeds: http://saahm.net/?s=flax+seeds

Spinach: See articles at saahm.proboards.com/thread/787/spinach



KOSA Breathing

Koreans believe they have a fixed amount of air to breathe and food to eat for a lifetime.
They/we believe that the more we consume them the shorter lifespan we will enjoy.
A physician interviewed on CNN explained that the cause of a certain woman’s breast cancer was from inhaling too much ozone, a commonly occurring element in fresh air; so her cancer had occurred in spite of her best efforts to keep in good shape – she had been exercising at least two hours a day and observing a careful diet for many years.

How To Do KOSA Breathing:

  • The normal adult usually breathes 18 times per minute.
  • While keeping time on a watch with a second hand, inhale 2 seconds and exhale 2 seconds, keeping this up for 30 minutes or more.
  • The goal is to regulate breathing down to 15 times per minute or less.
  • Don't do deep breathing. Quantity of air inhaled and exhaled is not important, but cycle time is; in fact, the longer the breath, the better.
  • Once you are comfortable inhaling and exhaling for 2 seconds’ duration, try increasing from 2 seconds to 3 seconds; then from 3 seconds to 4 seconds; and so on.
  • This breathing exercise may help your organs including kidney and your high blood pressure lowered.


  • Have meals with same menu.
  • Same ingredients for each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Do this for five days and you have baseline.
  • Test and keep a record of your blood sugar level (as per your physician's recommendation) for at least three days before beginning the cinnamon remedy, and keep on testing levels throughout the treatment until your blood sugar level is normal.
  • You may then be able to entirely eliminate the need for external help or medication.
  • You can add or eliminate certain ingredient one by one to learn which one is good or bad for you.
  • Coconut oil may be a great help.


In Asian medicine's theory, salty taste is categorized in WATER and it helps kidney, bladder, large intestine and lung. Chemically processed (bleached) salt, which is not much with minerals is not recommended and natural salt (rock salt, sea salt and etc.) is abundant in minerals and is recommended. Most of restaurants would probably use cheap chemically processed salt.

Stool Color

The color of stool shall be consistently golden, independent of food. Learn more: Stool Color, Changes in Color, Texture, and Form

Baking soda

Cholesterol, Saturated fat and Blood pressure

A normal range for a systolic rate during exercise is between 160 and 220.

Bellybutton Exercise

  • Don't waste $99.00 plus taxes to get this device.
  • Just grab a TV remote and depress it onto all abdominal area.
  • As deep as possible not until discomfort or pain is felt
  • As long as possible
  • As time goes by, the depth does not cause discomfort or pain will get deeper.

Minerals and Vitamins

  • Current Nutrition Facts Labels are usually more than 50 years old and there are not much vitamins and minerals due to industrialized food system. Of course, not enough minerals and/or vitamins will cause serious diseases and/or illness.
  • Learn more: Proposed Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label
  • Therefore, taking food supplementary products may be needed.
  • Wild caught fish from ocean and seafood like seaweed, brown seaweed and etc. are plenty with minerals and vitamins.
  • Fish from Pacific ocean might be contaminated with nuclear caused by Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  • Big fish like tuna at the higher level of food chain are with heavy metals accumulated and might have to be avoided.

People in nutrition (food supplementary products) have tendency of exaggerating the effects of the product, not knowing that proper nutrition is not the only reason of unhealthy condition.
Sometimes, over-nutrition can also cause unhealthy condition. Always ask them about:

  • The success rate of that miraculous effect
  • including possible side effects and interactions with drugs and
  • keep questioning.

Omega 3

Corn oil's Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio is 46:1 while Ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ration is 1:1 to 5:1.
Learn more: http://saahm.net/?s=omega+3

Drugs, Medicine, Herbs and Food supplementary products

Ask about

  • Effects expected
  • How to evaluate the effects
  • What if there is no effects
  • Side effects
  • Interactions with other drugs, foods and food supplementary products
  • What if there are side effects

Do home work

Having no side effects does not mean it doesn't have side effects. Noticing side effects may indicate that your organs (especially, liver and kidney) might have already been severely damaged.

Good Doctors and Bad Doctors

  • There are many good doctors and still there are bad doctors at the same time.
  • Always to try to get the 2nd opinion.
  • It is said that many doctors do not know much about nutrition.
  • Keep questioning why they tell you to do that. What is the science behind it? What are the side effects? What is my chance of getting the side effects? What is NNT and NNH? What is the success rate? What are the interactions with other drugs, foods and food supplementary products?
  • Doctors sometimes do not telly you that other drugs you take may increase the chance of side effects.
  • Doctors do not know whether you would have side effects or not.
  • Doctors sometimes overlook their patients have been experiencing the side effects unless they tell doctors them.
  • Some drugs have warning signs that you cannot take them when you have liver disease. The problem is that the liver is so called an organ of silence and even with 95% of failure the patients do not notice any symptoms. Considering this, how can you think you don't have liver disease?


A Patient with Guillain–Barré syndrome: http://saahm.proboards.com/thread/785/guillain-syndrome-pneumonia-esophageal-achalasia

When 1988 U.S. outbreak happened, it was told that Swine flu vaccine had a side effect rate is one out of a half million people. However, there were two victims of vaccine in Ridgecrest in California with a population less than 25,000 ended up with having Guillain–Barré syndrome. The rate in that city was one out of 12,500, instead of 500,000, which is 40-fold. Low chance of side effect does not guarantee that you won't be a victim. If you don't feel good postponing vaccine until you feel good and healthy would lower the chance of side effect. Learn more: Vaccine

How to get vaccine exemption for your kids

  • Go to search engine website.
  • Type in keywords of 'Vaccine', 'Exemption', 'from' and 'Name of the State'.

Water Filter

Chemtrails Images: https://goo.gl/9v4z4n

Understanding symptom and root cause

Vitamin D deficiency (or Hypovitaminosis D) has symptoms related to liver and/or kidney and this indicates that liver and/or kidney are unhealthy. Supplementing Vitamin D may be able to give a relieve to liver and/or kidney and those organs may be able to be recovered. However, this treatment is usually not good enough to resolve the problem. Once the responsible organs of liver and/or kidney are properly treated and those organs get healthy, Vitamin D deficiency (or Hypovitaminosis D) will be naturally treated. Download: Relationship Between Symptom and Treatment

Lotions, Shampoo, Conditioners and Cosmetic products

are made of usually toxic chemicals and can penetrate the skin. Once they are absorbed, they become to be toxic chemicals need to be removed from the body. Putting It on Your Skin Does Let It in: What’s in Skin Care and How It Affects Your Health



How to treat Bunion at home

DNA, Gene and Family history

  • DNA keeps changing - Learn more: DNA
  • Gene and/or Family history are not the only parameters affect the health. As a matter of fact, the acquired are far more important parameters than them.

KOSA Acupuncture

We love to challenge the diseases and pains that others failed you. Let's Heal The World with KOSA, The Best Acupuncture In The World, Silver Bullet, and Ultimate Science.

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