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On Sunday, 10/22/2017, a reader of mine posted his review after reading my book and used KOSA to treat his family members.

Hello to all friends here.

I am Sayed Tahir Hassan from Kerala, India. I am a GP who does a holistic practice along with charitable camps for poor.

I came to KOSA via a huge search for relief of problems my lady is suffering.
Having tried acupuncture and homeopathy which provided only a little relief, I am so happy that after reading KOSA eBook I felt rejuvenated and started my experimentation immediately.

I ordered the book on 17-10-2017 and received it on 18-10-2017, thanks for quick and easy methods.
I completed my first reading in just a day, as I took off to study KOSA.

Immediately I put KOSA into practice when I got a sprain in my left heel and subduing fire point of bladder on right side gave instant relief.
My son had a cough for last week. I asked him to pinch the fire point of lung and since then he didn’t cough.
These are simple but amazingly quick results.

I learned KOSA because of my lady who is suffering from endometriosis with fibromyalgia.
Acupuncture and other treatment gave minimum relief.
I started with fostering LI and subduing fire points of all those painful areas.
I am doing this 2 times a day for last three days.
She felt relief in pain and her constipation also got better.
Which ever points I tapped to subdue all those points have become red and increasingly painful.
I am sure now after experimentation and reading posts in this forum that I shall cure her disease and also help others.

Heartfelt gratitudes and salutes to Master KIM.

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