Infertility is just one of the indications that your organs are not healthy.
The indications can be allergy, diabetes, PMS, irregular and/or painful menstruation, constipation, urinary incontinence, and etc.
Not only infertility but also the above described conditions are due to unhealthy organs.
It is important to understand that not having the above conditions at all still does not mean that your organs are healthy.

Even just a few decades ago, there were very seldom people had infertility problem.
Please consider that they would have been with higher chance of under-nutrition yet, they didn't have much problems of infertility.

  • Those seem to be blamed and avoided would be GMO, vaccine, and etc. that very few people acknowledge.
  • Our organs of kidneys and liver are the master organs in charge of reproductive organs.

The above two brown items being said, followings would be enough:

  • Avoid all harmful food
  • Stop harmful activities even including exercises if needed
  • Proper treatment that eliminates all physical and emotional conditions ensuring:
    • Good appetite
    • Good digestion
    • Regular bowel movement at least once a day with golden color stool
    • Good sleeping, at least 8 hours a day
    • No physical or health conditions
    • So healthy that you don't need drugs, food supplementary products, herbs and etc. any more
    • Good spiritual and physical energy
    • Good libido
  • Of course, all responsible organs including kidneys and liver need to be treated at once.

We hope you understand now that trying to scratch the tip of the iceberg would not be sufficient enough.

KOSA is the only acupuncture can treat all conditions at once by treating responsible organs and the most powerful and effective with very high success rate.

How to treat infertility:

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