How to treat Asthma

Although below post describes a standard treatment, treating stomach, kidney, liver and etc. in addition to those organs in it would expedite the process.

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KOSA treats all other overlapping conditions at once although each condition may show different speed of improvement.
So far, it took no more than 5 treatments for the patients to be healthier enough to stop using inhaler or spray. Nevertheless, of course, the follow-up treatments shall be continued until they become so healthy that they don’t have to depend on any drugs.
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Testimonial – Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and etc.


Testimonial – Asthma and Ankle pain


Testimonial – A medical college girl with photographic memory

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Testimonial – Bronchitis (10 years), Asthma, Depression, Splenomegaly, ESBL (Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamase) infection, Urinary incontinence, Knee pain and Tinnitus

ESBL infected during ankle surgery as well as other overlapping conditions have been successfully treated by KOSA.


Testimonial – Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, PCOS, and Asthma


Testimonial – A patient’s post on Facebook

Dear Master Kim.
Please accept my most hearty wishes and gratitude for the most natural, scientific and effective treatment given to me for my age-old chronic problems of Asthma and knees.
What a relief I got 1st of not wearing any knee brace and also allergic cough.
More over, you had also corrected my mind set for not consuming milk and its products. It had been almost 2 months that, had stopped milk and its products including tea which I take black and free from sugars.
Feeling lighter and agile actually, all I am doing it with conviction.
Which you had developed. Your success rate is 100% and more since other essential organs like kidney, bladder,stomach most important liver are strengthened plus awareness is created regarding our food habits, which has direct and indirect impact on them. Even ailment like knee problems has direct relationship to stomach and of course liver.
My daughter who had lot many problems concerning pain and allergic asthma due to which she was given lot of antibiotics which resulted in to low liver function. After your acupuncture treatment, she had improved from all ailments and now she is leading active life.
Grand children have not seen the pediatric since your magical but scientific treatment started.
With all regards and gratitude once again wishing you to get true recognition all over globe in helping mankind.
Will be returning to Pune, India on 2nd Feb 2016.
Faithfully yours,

Want to provide information about the wonderful experience myself and my daughter got getting successful treatment from Acupuncturist Master Kim.

Testimonial – Eczema, Acne and Asthma

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