iceberg 170818 1024x704 - Master Kim's Apprentice Shares His Experience of Learning KOSA Acupuncture
KOSA, The Silver Bullet, Best Acupuncture In The World

I was in search of techniques of drug-less therapy.
I happened to find KOSA in internet almost one year back.

I ordered the book “The Silver Bullet”.
Even as ordinary person who is not familiar with acupuncture, I was able to understand the basics.
Many case studies given in the book also help understand better.

Then I started studying TCM for almost more than a year but I find it very difficult to understand the diagnosis and treatment protocols.
Again I came back and started again referring KOSA and its simplicity is its greatness.

I recently became KOSA member studying under the guidance of our Master.
I have started applying KOSA technique to my family member and seeing good progressive results on Knee pain.

I as a follower for about more than a year can confidently say that there is a constant support from Master for the betterment of lives.


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