The secret of KOSA is revealed.

  • Five Elements theory and how to utilize it for diagnosis and treatment
  • Theory of Saahm formulas
  • KOSA pulsation (how to do it and how to utilize it)
  • Master Kim, HyungGwan's Needling technique
    • Definition of fostering and subduing
    • When to insert needles
    • Sequence of insertion and removal of needles
    • How deep to insert needles
    • How long to keep the needles inserted
    • Why insertion time shall vary
    • Which needle shall be manipulated
    • How to manipulate
    • When to pull out needles
    • What to do after pulling out a needle
    • Case study on various challenging diseases, pains and complication
    • How to treat the patients with multiple symptoms of disease, pains and complication
    • Demonstration and/or site instruction during treating patients

KOSA's goal is to make the trainee one of the best acupuncturists in the world.

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  • Cost: $5,000.00 U.S.D. per person
  • Paperback book and eBook are included
  • All the secrets of KOSA
  • Lifetime consultation supports for the treatment by phone, email or forum at KOSA Forum.
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  • Fractional cost for listing membership on KOSA web site
  • Pay only 20% of the admission fees for future seminars and tutoring by KOSA for lifetime
  • Other terms and conditions are applied and please contact us for details.

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