The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks: Natural News to expose the shocking true history of science and medicine on November 7… see video trailer

Natural News will release a mind-blowing video lecture that documents the multiple vectors through which “science” and “medicine” continue a covert agenda to exterminate people of African descent from the human gene pool. Going far beyond the Tuskegee medical experiments and Flint, Michigan lead ...

Why Doctors Are Rethinking Breast-Cancer Treatment

  Too much chemo. Too much radiation. And way too many mastectomies By Siobhan O’Connor October 1, 2015 “What if I decide to just do nothing?” It was kind of a taunt, Desiree Basila admits. Not the sort of thing that usually comes out of the mouth of a woman who’s just been diagnosed with […]...

The REAL Reason Cannabis Was Prohibited!

It’s sad to see how much our world has been destroyed over the past 70 years as well as the health & lives of so many humans & animals and all in the name of politics and the all mighty dollar! You see the only reason cannabis was prohibited is because a group of five […]

NEVER Use Turmeric If You Take Any of The Following Medications

Turmeric is an extremely beneficial natural ingredient, which is believed to be an alternative cure for numerous different illnesses. Namely, as its use has fewer side-effects, it is often advised as a natural variant of medications and drugs. In some rare cases, turmeric can cause severe negativ...

KOSA Acupuncture proudly presents “How To Treat Back Pain” and “Testimonials On Back Pain”

KOSA Acupuncture proudly presents “How To Treat Back Pain” and “Testimonials On Back Pain”. KOSA is the only acupuncture treats Root Problems. Learn More: How to treat Back pain and Testimonials