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A few years ago, in the early evening one of my acquaintances called me.

Please come to my home and treat my mother in law.
She has not been able to eat or drink anything for past 24 hours.

She was 103 years old in age that time.
10 minutes later I was entering his house and found that he was on the phone.
After his talking over the phone, he says…

The man I was talking with is a medical doctor and he says that there is no other way than surgery.
Inserting a tube on her stomach and feeding her liquidized food.

I said, “Please don’t worry because she will be doing just fine.”
He was very skeptical, of course because all the medical doctors he has spoken with didn’t have solution other than surgery.

Achalasia is simply due to unhealthy stomach and liver, which is in charge of muscle.
About ten minuets later after starting to treat her, I asked her to try to drink water while all the people except me were still not expecting her to be able to drink water.
She drank water with no problem at all.
Another 30 minutes latter, needles were pulled out and I asked her to go ahead enjoy her dinner.
She hadn’t had any problem with drinking or eating ever since that one session until she passed away.

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