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Unrivaled Effectiveness and Success Rate In Any Conditions

Our mission is to lose our patients ASAP so that they don’t have to see any other people in the medical industry, even including us and they don’t have to be on any kind of medication.
We have successfully accomplished our mission with a very high success rate.

All conditions are treated at once.

The incurable may not be incurable.
Our patients’ testimonials prove why KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg MD is extraordinary: Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, saw, and conquered)

The ONLY acupuncture treats root problems while others are just trying to scratch the tip of the iceberg.

We do not practice or manage the symptoms but treat the root problems to lose our patients.

Nothing to lose but pains, discomforts, and medicines.

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We accept health insurance, workers compensation, and auto insurance:

명의의 산실, 대한민국 정통사암오행침구학회:

Conditions Treated

Theoretically, any conditions can be treated.

Conditions Treated

Our theory proven to be accurate by patients


Veni, vidi, vici
I came, saw, and conquered.


Your body has amazing self-healing power.

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Nothing to lose but conditions and medicines

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Looking forward to helping you soon.


True information about food and health that lasts


Truth cannot be judged by vote.

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the physicians and acupuncturists around the world.

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Your Body’s Ability To Heal Is Greater Than Anyone Has Permitted You To Believe.


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What are KOSA Acupuncture Maryland services?

We provide best acupuncture and advice, which expedites your healing and will cost you minimal investment.

No cupping, no massage, no aroma, no music, no waterfall, and no fish.

Straight forward to the most effective acupuncture in the world, KOSA Acupuncture Maryland.

Master Kim

teaches the physicians and acupuncturists around the world

and educates any size of the group with the truths that last.

What about facial acupuncture (face acupuncture)?

Facial acupuncture is the typical experimental acupuncture and not holistic medicine at all.

The success rate cannot be good.

There can be side effects.
And, as a matter of fact, this is a quote from a webpage about facial acupuncture.


Facial acupuncture is not recommended for women who are pregnant or trying, have chronic headaches, high blood pressure, or any serious illness.
Also if the client has any laser or any abrasive facial procedures done, it is best to wait a few weeks to let the skin heal before trying facial acupuncture.


KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg MD is the only holistic medicine and of course, we don’t practice the facial acupuncture.

We treat and we don’t practice, especially when it comes to people’s health.

What are KOSA Acupuncture Maryland specialties?

Acupuncture is not experimental medicine but holistic medicine.

In other words, the acupuncturist is supposed to be able to treat all conditions at once.

Therefore, those claims that they have specialties may mean that they cannot help you with other conditions than their specialties.
In addition to the above, their specialties do not guarantee they have a very high success rate close to 100 %.

The acupuncturists can say whatever they want to say.
But, the question is how can you trust them?

Learn how incompetent and unethical acupuncturists can be:

Question them:

if all the conditions are treated at once.

what success rate they have shown.

any cases they failed.

what they have learned from failure.

if they are confident they can help you with the conditions they failed.

when they consider their treatment is successful.

if they could do better than KOSA Acupuncture referring to:

our Testimonials

our YouTube channel

our Forum

what causes of your conditions they can think of.

what ultimate goal they have when they treat you.

Use your rights to question.

You can be smarter than any medical practitioner and you need to be so.

You cannot afford to learn from failures.

What conditions are treated?

Theoretically, we can treat any, every, and all the conditions you have at once, not to mention emotional, psychological, mental, and intellectual conditions.

Learn more about conditions and related articles including testimonials:

What about the conditions without name?

The name of condition or disease means nothing.
The name is just a name, which the medical industry named for their convenience, and what it has a name does not mean that it has a cure.
Therefore, there can be thousands of different conditions with no name on them.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), most of the modern conditions are just different types of inflammation.

Getting rid of the root causes, treating responsible organs properly, and taking the remedies would expedite the healing process.

Learn more:

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on patient to patient, condition to condition.

However, no matter what conditions you have, you will most likely see the drastic improvements.
This is the reason why we say, “Satisfaction Guaranteed by KOSA Acupuncture.”*

Literally, all other medical practitioners are misunderstood that the root causes are your organs and they just try to scratch the tip of the iceberg or to manage your conditions.
Their goal is not to lose you but to manage you.

The root causes are what you have done to yourself and they have harmed your organs, which are the root problems.

KOSA is the only best acupuncture in Gaithersburg MD that treats all of your root problems at once and walks you through the possible causes and the least expensive remedies to expedite the healing process.

Because our mission is to lose our patients ASAP, we strongly recommend coming as frequently as possible, like even daily.
Some people chose to get two hours session instead of one hour because they know the benefit of it.

Once the conditions become manageable, the frequency can be lowered twice a week, once a week, twice a month, and finally, once a month, which is the maintenance stage or you don’t even have to take.

Once again, when we lose you you’ve already lost pains, discomfort, and medicines and there will be a very slim chance you want to see other people in the medical industry.

Save your valuable time, efforts, money, and most importantly, your health with KOSA Acupuncture Maryland.

Any discount or package deal?

We are afraid that the answer is no.

You get what you paid for.

Most importantly, you will be in good hands with the best acupuncture in Gaithersburg MD.

Health insurance, Auto insurance, or Workers compensation?

We accept the most health insurance along with auto insurance and worker’s compensation.

Learn more:

What about weight loss?

The best record one of our patients showed was 1.2 lbs a day and our patients usually lose 1 lb a day.

As a matter of fact, we don’t have patients come in for weight loss but their metabolism improves as they become healthier and they lose the excess weight naturally and automatically.
We call this one of the side effects of KOSA Acupuncture treatment.

However, if you are underweight you would gain weight automatically and naturally though.

While all other weight-loss programs by diet and exercise have a success rate no better than 5 %, our patients’ success rate is literally 100 %.

We recommend to be as lazy as possible and sleep as many hours as possible.

Any side effects?

Typical side effects are:

You will lose weight if you are overweight.

All other conditions that you didn’t report to us (because you forgot or you didn’t imagine it could be treated) are still treated at once.

There is a good chance you don’t have to take medicines anymore.

Any problems?

Indeed, KOSA Acupuncture Gaithersburg MD has a few problems as below.

A. No pain, no gain.
We manipulate needles as a part of the treatment and the stinging is tolerable

B. Patients get healthy too quickly and we keep losing our patients too quickly.

C. KOSA Acupuncture has a side effect.
Even if the patient didn’t report us the condition (one or more) because they forgot or they didn’t expect they could be treated they are still treated automatically and naturally.

D. KOSA Acupuncture is too good to be true.
The benefits and effectiveness of our acupuncture are above and beyond the people’s understanding, expectations, and imaginations.
When we tell people what we can do they usually think we are bluffing and become skeptical.

Kids are treated too?

Surprisingly, many children do not fear needles.
Those with needle phobia can still be treated with various tools and devices, which will cause no pain at all.

Please bear in mind that children usually have a more powerful self-healing system than adults.

We have successfully treated children with various conditions even including ADHD and autism and could even avoid surgery, which was strongly recommended by the doctor.

Learn more:

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* Applied only for the initial visit

The patient shall notify KOSA Acupuncture before the treatment commenced that he or she is challenging our claim, satisfaction guaranteed.

The above treatment includes, but not limited to, filling out forms and consultation.

Satisfaction is deemed established once the patient admits that at least one condition has shown improvement.