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The Silver Bullet, KOSA Acupuncture

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Satisfaction Guaranteed * Unrivaled Effectiveness and Success Rate Click '+' symbol or sentence for more details. 30 min Free consultationFree consultation for 30 minutes will answer your questions about why KOSA Acupuncture is the key to your successful happy healing. If you want, a demonstration can be done. Book an appointment by; calling Master Kim …

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The Silver Bullet - KOSA Acupuncture

Book – The Silver Bullet

  Authored by Byoung Soon Kim (Master Kim) in 2011   KOSA Acupuncture Is Amazing – Reader’s Testimonial | KOSA AcupunctureKOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share a Reader’s (who is an acupuncturist himself) testimonial saying “KOSA Acupuncture Is Amazing.” Master Kim at KOSA Acupuncture wrote a book, ‘The Silver Bullet – KOSA (Korean Orthodox Saahm …

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Even photographic memory can be improved Incl. Testimonial - KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks Oklahoma serving Tulsa and the vicinity

Photographic Memory – Serving Tulsa and Vicinity | KOSA Acupunture

KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks Oklahoma serving Tulsa and the vicinity is pleased to share a testimonial by a lady with a photographic memory.
We have successfully helped people with ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Auditory processing disorder (APD), Brain fogs, Dementia, Depression, Dyslexia, Panic disorder, PTSD, etc. with a very high success rate.

ADHD Testimonial - Treatment 8, Day 48 - KOSA Acupuncture

ADHD Patient in Jenks Oklahoma – Video Testimonial | KOSA Acupuncture

Mom of 6 years old boy with ADHD shares her son’s amazing self-healing journey.
Mental conditions like the following are simply different reflections of organs’ unhealthy conditions.
ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Dementia, Depression, Dyslexia, Memory, Panic disorder, and etc.
Call us at +1-918-995-1100 or visit to schedule a free consultation.

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