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Unrivaled Testimonials – Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, saw, and conquered)

Satisfaction Guaranteed*

We have recently moved from Gaithersburg, MD to Jenks, OK. because a RINO, former Governor Larry Hogan pushed the face mask, RT-PCR Test, and experimental COVID-19 jab, not based on science but based on politics against humanity.
Due to the short history in Jenks, we have not been much busy.
However, we still have shown a consistent success rate of almost 100% as usual.

​Please be aware that popularity and credentials have​​ nothing to do with the ability to help you.
If those with good credentials and popularity had treated your conditions successfully, you would not be reading this paragraph.
Don’t do research, which is done by peer review because the truth cannot be judged by voting. Instead, do the investigation and stay skeptical. There is a group, that loses business with you when you are healthy.
​Do your investigation before going for others who are just trying to scratch the tip of the iceberg and have no ability to lose you.
We’re here to lose you ASAP.

Satisfaction Guaranteed*

There are five options available as follows;

  • Free Consultation for 30 min. including demonstration
  • Initial visit for one for 2 Hrs – $150
  • Initial visit for two for 2.5 Hrs – $300
  • A follow-up visit for one for 1 Hr – $100
  • A Follow-up visit for two for 1.5 Hrs – $200
  • Credit cards or debit cards other than cash incur a card processing fee of 3%.

We treat kids too.

If you’d like to know about your health insurance coverage for acupuncture, use the below link.

Free Consultation

Free consultation for 30 minutes will answer your questions about why KOSA Acupuncture is the key to your successful happy healing. If you want, a demonstration can be done.

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