A patient of KOSA Acupuncture shares an amazing healing journey as below.

Although his testimonial describes pains only, he has seen drastic improvements in various conditions like tinnitus, eye floaters, anxiety, eczema, sinus, acne, hair loss, and etc.

He is kind enough to post his review so that he can help other people looking for true healing as many as possible.

I have had neck and back issues for years and have tried many different things to help with the pain including going to a chiropractor for months.

I must say that after just 3 sessions with Master Kim my neck and back have never felt better.

I would highly recommend that if anyone has any chronic pain of any sort that they give KOSA acupuncture a chance to help them.

A big thank you to Master Kim and hopefully, with his help and knowledge, I will be pain-free in no time.


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