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Diabetes Treatment Approach By Master Kim | KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks, OK proudly presents our approach to treating diabetes. We understand that diabetes is a simple reflection of unhealthy liver although there are lots of different theories and thesis about how to treat diabetes. It can take even decades for people to acquire diabetes. Even if it might take 10 years to be free of diabetes it could still be considered a miracle.

Thinking outside the box and patience are the keys to be free of diabetes.



Diabetes is more dangerous than cancer.

Numbers of glucose and HbA1c

Side effects of diabetes medicine

Understanding diabetes

Success story #1

Success Story #2

Other success stories

Important Notes

Diabetes is more dangerous than cancer.

Most diabetes patients are told that managing the level of glucose and HbA1c is the most important part of the treatment and they will be doing just fine as long as their levels are kept in the normal range.
Therefore, patients have peace of mind and just try to manage the levels as per recommendations.

In contrast, when people are told that they are with cancers they become desperate to find remedies. Some change their diets, some change their lifestyle, some start exercise, and etc.

Nevertheless, because diabetes patients never get warned that they might have to have their limbs amputated unless it is too late and thus, most of them do not change and their conditions have to get worse every single day not noticing their conditions keep getting worse, gradually but surely.

I haven’t looked into the diabetes prevalence but I am pretty sure that most diabetes patients would have to die of diabetes or the complications due to diabetes. In other words, the survival ratio of diabetes must be worse than cancer.

Numbers of glucose and HbA1c

Over 66% of the top meters on the market today didn’t pass the rigorous study as described in our blog post at Health Info by KOSA Acupuncture 12 – Diabetes Myths Debunked.

In addition to the above, the instruments for the commercial industry usually have 0.5 % accuracy of full scale, which is considered quite accurate. If the instrument has a scale from 0 to 500, the allowed error is ± 2.5.

The ordinary household instruments usually have 2 % accuracy of full scale and the glucose meter (0 to 500) can have a maximum error of ± 10.

While the most popular medicine for diabetes is Metformin, Metformin comes with different contents of 500 mg, 850 mg, and 1000 mg. When the patient’s body is in need of 723.287 mg;

  • If the patient takes 500 mg the glucose level may not go down enough.
  • If the patient takes 850 mg the glucose level may go down too much.
    However, in this case, there is a good chance that the physician would prescribe the patient 850 mg.

Please don’t forget though that the glucose level keeps changing 24×7 as it is supposed to, depending on how our body is used.

When a glucose level of 200 mg/dl or higher can indicate diabetes, what if the reading is 199 mg/dl?
Is the person considered pre-diabetic and medication is not recommended?

What if the reading is 201 mg/dl?
Is the person considered diabetic and medication needs to be taken?

KOSA Acupuncture understands that unless a person has symptoms of diabetes and on medication, he or she is not a patient yet and numbers cannot decide if a person is a patient or not (or needs to take medicine or not).

From the moment the person takes medicine the person becomes to be a patient.

Side effects of diabetes medicine

Diabetes medicine has usually a long list of side effects and even includes WARNINGS, which tell you that you can’t take it. Also, there are side effects that you need to tell your doctor immediately if you have any one of them.
Unfortunately, many patients are not told about the above when the medicine is prescribed.

More importantly, many people think that they are not experiencing the side effects but the fact that people have not noticed side effects does not mean that it doesn’t have side effects.

Please remember that there are people who thought themselves as very healthy but all of a sudden, they are diagnosed with terminal cancer. Until they are told they are with terminal cancer, in many cases, they have not noticed any symptoms of terminal cancer.

Understanding diabetes

KOSA Acupuncture has already published a post, Health Info by KOSA Acupuncture 12 – Diabetes Myths Debunked, which will help you understand diabetes better.

Simply say, diabetes a simple reflection of an unhealthy liver, which has been harmed by:

The below chart shows the relationship between glyphosate (Roundup), GMOs (corn and soy), and diabetes.
Prevalence charts about other diseases can be found in our blog post given below.
Health Info by KOSA Acupuncture 16 – Glyphosate & GMOs Threaten The Human Race

Prevalence of Diabetes

It is not only for diabetes but also for all other conditions that people need to take the first step to treat diabetes is to stop harming themselves.
No matter how good remedies people take if they don’t stop harming themselves the improvement will have to be very slow or will not be realized.

Those items that need to be avoided are described in our post at Everything About Food And Health.

Once the causes are eliminated, people are ready to do self-healing.
Please remember that our self-healing system is way more powerful than people are allowed to know.
People need to start things described in the post of Everything About Food And Health to expedite self-healing.

As the liver gets healthier, the glucose level gets lowered.

Success story #1

The below story can give you an idea about what core parameters are involved.

Diabetes & Diplopia Testimonial, ES – KOSA Acupuncture

Success story #2

This patient has had diabetes for 14 years.

KOSA Acupuncture provides patients with suggestions about FOOD and HEALTH.
With KOSA Acupuncture’s suggestions, the patient has become to be a vegan and changed his lifestyle drastically.
He also decided to stop insulin shots on the first day he visited and indeed he has stopped since then.

All of us (KOSA Acupuncture, the patient’s spouse, and friends) are happy with and proud of him that the patient has taken over ownership of his body and all the changes on his medications have been decided by him since the initial visit.

What he has been doing and will be doing is that once glucose level stays at or lower than a certain level for a few days he reduces the dosage of medicines.

The below table will be updated daily until he is free of diabetes.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://saahm.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Trend210626.pdf” title=”Trend of Glucose Level as of 6/26/2021 – KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks OK serving Tulsa OK and the vicinity”]

For his detailed conditions, please refer to below Registration Form.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://saahm.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Registration-EGLB.pdf” title=”Registration Form of A Diabetes Patient – KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks OK serving Tulsa OK and the vicinity”]

Other success stories

Please be aware that all other conditions need to be treated and improved at once although the improvement speed may vary depending on the symptoms.

Although KOSA Acupuncture doesn’t have many success stories (just because people think that acupuncture has a very limited capability of helping diabetes), the number of cases may mean nothing especially when the success rate is low.

Important Notes


Our body’s self-healing power is very powerful.

It is the patient’s job to eliminate the root causes by following KOSA Acupuncture’s advice.

We walk patients through so that they can easily change their lifestyle so that they can minimize or eliminate the root causes.
This will expedite the patient’s healing progress by making responsible organs healthy and healthy organs treat conditions.
It is our job to educate patients with true information and treat all responsible organs so that all the conditions can be treated at once.
Read More: Everything About Food And Health

Nevertheless, each condition would show different improvements in progress.

KOSA Acupuncture’s persistent goal is to lose patients ASAP.
Patients become so healthy that they don’t have to take drugs (or medicines) and see any medical practitioners anymore. We have successfully achieved this goal with a very high success rate.
Patients have nothing to lose other than pains, discomforts, drugs, and excessive weight.

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Listen to your body, which knows how to heal itself.

Numbers on the test cannot judge if you are a patient or not.

Diabetes Treatment

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