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Solitegroup is a professional LED company who can provide LED Green program, Light bulb whole sale and Sign &banner. We have various customers from small business to Government. We have our own professional installation team.

For businesses and facilities that operate at night, providing patrons with safe, well-lit vibrant areas to park can deliver a competitive advantage. Replacing traditional parking lot lights with LED lights can significantly reduce energy consumption and ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

Now, more than ever, energy efficiency pays. Make the smart business decision of retrofitting old lighting systems with an energy-efficient LED lighting solution that pays for itself multiple times over the life of the product. Our expert consultants can also provide you with information about rebate programs to help you save even more money.

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Through SoliteGroup, upgrading parking lot lighting just got easier. We carry a family of high-efficiency LED lighting products to fit your preferences and tailor a solution unique to your facility. Our lighting solutions deliver incredible uniformity, significant energy savings, and visibility for pedestrians and drivers. Ideal for virtually any application, you can incorporate LED lighting solutions to enhance street, parking lot, and parking structure lighting. Our highly trained team of technicians installs all of our lighting systems, so you work with us directly instead of a subcontractor.

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