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I’m so thankful for accepting me as your student, dear Master Kim

I am pleased to announce that one of my readers posted his testimonial as soon as he saw my post notification yesterday as below.

I am very mcuh happy that my book has helped his practice and patients.

Also, I am personally grateful for his kindness to help other acupuncture practitioners and physicians.

As a practitioner, I always wanted to learn new techniques in Korean Medicine.

When I was an acupuncture student I came across your method and your book.

I treated a lot of patients with your and other techniques and compared them.

However, I understood that your system works in a strong way in treatment of a patient.

So I’m so thankful for accepting me as your student, dear Master Kim.

I personally recommend you to all new graduates, the acupuncturists and advise the patients to search Doctors well educated with your system.

Saahm is a different wonderful world.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Ali Dast

My book, ‘The Silver Bullet, KOSA (Korean Orthodox Saahm Acupuncture) – NeedleLess Acupuncture’ can be purchased at https://saahm.net/book/.

eBook is available in English, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

However, paperback is in English only.

Above all, we are looking for translators willing to translate my book in other languages than the above.

The qualifications and benefits can be found at https://saahm.net/book/#wanted.

Lastly, if you would like to post your testimonial to help other people in need of true healing, please use this webpage at https://saahm.net/posting-review/.

Best Regards,

Master Kim


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