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Do you accept Insurance?

We accept following insurances.

  • Health insurance

  • Auto insurance (Car accident)

  • Workers compensation

Insurance for acupuncture varies significantly depending on policy.

The best way to check if you are covered for acupuncture is to call your insurance company and ask about followings.

  • Deductible

  • Copay

  • % coverage

  • Limit on number of visits per year

However, we still need to verify your coverage at our end.

Learn more: Insurance

Where can I find the forms?

Please click here for forms.

Do I need to do something to get the acupuncture service?

No, you just have to wear loose clothes so that needles can be applied to elbows and knees.
Additionally, not wearing any lotions, creams,

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the specific points, called acupuncture points, on body surface. Everybody has 361 of them and they are used in Oriental Medicine over thousands of years. Most of them are located along the body meridians (or channels) that are thought to conduct and regulate the Qi (vital energy) flow in the whole body starting from organs.

What are the differences between KOSA and TCM?

KOSA and TCM are acronyms of Korean Orthodox Saahm Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, respectively.
Both of them are based on the theory of Yin & Yang and Five Elements.
As our DNA resembles our body, our body resembles the universe.
Thousands of years ago, it is discovered that the universe consists of Yin & Yang and Five Elements. So does our body. Our twelve organs have various number of acupuncture points but each one of them has five element acupuncture points.

Nonetheless, KOSA is the only acupuncture fully understands how to utilize them and thus, KOSA has very high success rate on any conditions and is most powerful.

Do I need to pay a fee for consultation?

Patient is welcome to visit the clinic and to inquire information about acupuncture. If you did not receive the treatment, you don't have to pay. Consultation is free.
Just to go to http://saahm.net/booking/ and book for 30 minutes Free Consultation.
Please be reminded that we work 7 days a week.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Modern acupuncture is largely a painless procedure.
It uses hair-thin needles.
The needles penetrate top layer of skin quickly.
In most cases, patients feel no more than prickle-like feeling.
However, in a few cases, patient may feel some pain when needles accidentally reach the nerve or blood vessel.
When it happened, the needle would be taken off or replaced immediately.
In general, acupuncture treatment is a very comfortable method.

How long is each acupuncture session?

Initial visit:

  • Two hours

  • Complete forms, if necessary

  • Diagnose conditions including history

  • Discover the root problems and root causes

  • Establish the personalized treatment plan and implement it

  • How greatly KOSA can improve conditions is explained.

  • The essential information to expedite the healing process is provided.

Follow Up Visits (Continued visits or Regular visits):

  • One hour

  • Q&A for the progress

  • Modify the treatment plan if necessary and implement it

  • Additional information to expedite the healing process is provided.

No matter how many conditions you have, all of them will be treated at once.
You will experience the drastic improvements although they might be showing different speed.

How many and how often is acupuncture treatment required?

Numbers of required treatment depend on the patient's condition.
While other acupuncturists just to try to scratch the tip of the iceberg, KOSA is the only acupuncture in the world treats the root problems of organs so that healthier organs can treat the conditions.

Does acupuncture have side effects?

Adverse effect of acupuncture is very rare as acupuncture is a moderate approach to adjust body's physiological condition and procedure is very mild compared to other medical procedures.
Common side effects maybe things such as occasional pain when needles touch the nerve or occasional bleeding (a drop of blood) when needles touch the small blood vessel in some occasions.
The bleeding can easily and quickly be stopped by pressing the point for a few seconds.

KOSA's treatment very often improves even additional conditions to those the patient didn't report to us.

Who should be careful when deciding to receive acupuncture?

KOSA does not treat women in pregnancy and it is the patient's responsibility to report the pregnancy to KOSA.

Can I receive other therapy while I am getting acupuncture?

Yes. In fact, acupuncture in most of cases can work together with other therapies.
It is common for patients to receive acupuncture while receiving physical therapy in the same time.
Medication usually does not affect acupuncture.
However, patients should inform the doctor the other treatments he or she is receiving so that the doctor can incorporate this consideration into treatment design.

What information about food and health do you provide your patients?

Click: Everything About Food & Health

How can I post reviews?

Please refer to this post to find out how to post your review on websites at http://saahm.net/testimonials/posting/.

We appreciate your kindness will help other people looking for the true healing in advance.

How can I book or schedule an appointment online?

Click: https://kosa.youcanbook.me/

We are excited to help you and will be looking forward to seeing you soon.

 What are your thoughts of infertility?

Infertility is just one of the indications that you are not healthy.
The indications can be allergy, diabetes, PMS, irregular and/or painful menstruation, constipation, urinary incontinence, and etc.
Not only infertility but also the above described conditions are due to unhealthy organs.
It is important to understand that not having the above conditions at all still does not mean that your organs are healthy though.

Even just a few decades ago, there were very seldom people had infertility problem. Please consider that they would have been with higher chance of under-nutrition yet, they didn't have much problems of infertility.

  • Those seem to be blamed and avoided would be GMO, vaccine, and etc. that very few people acknowledge.

  • Our organs of kidneys and liver are the master organs in charge of reproductive organs.

The above two brown items being said, followings would be enough:

  • Avoid all harmful food

  • Stop harmful activities even including exercises if needed

  • Proper treatment that eliminates all physical and emotional conditions ensuring:

    • Good appetite

    • Good digestion

    • Regular bowel movement at least once a day with golden color stool

    • Good sleeping, at least 8 hours a day

    • No physical or health conditions

    • So healthy that you don't need drugs, food supplementary products, herbs and etc. any more

    • Good spiritual and physical energy

    • Good libido

  • Of course, all responsible organs including kidneys and liver need to be treated at once.

We hope you understand now that trying to scratch the tip of the iceberg would not be sufficient enough.

KOSA is the only acupuncture can treat all conditions at once by treating responsible organs and the most powerful and effective with very high success rate.

KOSA has proudly presented "How To Treat Infertility" to public.
Learn more: http://saahm.net/kosa-acupuncture-presents-how-to-treat-infertility/

How can I find brochure?

Click: Brochure


I am still skeptical about acupuncture. Any additional useful information?

It is natural that you can be skeptical about acupuncture and you may have following questions:

  • Acupuncture is a pre-scientific superstition

  • Acupuncture lacks a plausible mechanism

  • Claims for efficacy are often based upon a bait-and-switch deception

  • Clinical trials show that acupuncture does not work

Below website can give you some clarifications to the above myths.

Nonetheless, because the administrator of this website doesn't know about KOSA, which does lot better than people can imagine, not all contents in it are accurate.

Most importantly, the conventional medicine and current science have not advanced enough to understand acupuncture properly. It might take another centuries to properly understand acupuncture.

Learn more: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/reference/acupuncture/


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