Master Kim teaches physicians, acupuncturists and others.

His goal is to help acupuncturists help as many people as possible.

Cost: $5,000.00 U.S.D. per person

Paperback book and eBook are included

All the secrets of KOSA

Lifetime consultation supports for the treatment by phone, email or forum at KOSA Forum.

Learn more.

Fractional cost for listing membership on KOSA web site

Pay only 20% of the admission fees for future seminars and tutoring by KOSA for lifetime

Other terms and conditions are applied and please contact us for details.

대한민국 정통사암오행침구학회 웹사이트:

The secret of KOSA is revealed.

Five Elements theory and how to utilize it for diagnosis and treatment

Theory of Saahm formulas

KOSA pulsation (how to do it and how to utilize it)

Great Master Kim, HyungGwan’s Needling technique

Definition of fostering and subduing

When to insert needles

Sequence of insertion and removal of needles

How deep to insert needles

How long to keep the needles inserted

Why insertion time shall vary

Which needle shall be manipulated

How to manipulate

When to pull out needles

What to do after pulling out a needle

Case study on various challenging diseases, pains and complication

How to treat the patients with multiple symptoms of disease, pains and complication

Demonstration and/or site instruction during treating patients

KOSA’s goal is to make the trainee one of the best acupuncturists in the world.

Please contact us for any questions.

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Hippocrates (460‐377 B.C.) said, "LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE." The first step the people need to take is not to start something but to stop causes. Bear in mind that your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. Why we are unhealthy Contents:...

Skepticism Cannot Beat KOSA Acupuncture

Skepticism Cannot Beat KOSA Acupuncture – Testimonials

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share testimonials that prove that skepticism cannot beat KOSA Acupuncture. As declared at our homepage, satisfaction is guaranteed. It is not just pains but all other conditions (chronic and/or acute, even including mental conditions) are treated at once. Contents: Testimonial KOSA Acupuncture's YouTube channel about...

Plandemic run by Bill Gates or Pandemic?

Plandemic Run By Bill Gates Or Pandemic?

COVID-19 is one of the biggest incidents in human history. According to TeleTrader News, Bill Gates told CNBC that the investments made in healthcare organizations by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have returned 20 times as much. "We feel there's been over a 20-to-1 return," the billionaire stated on...

Americas Frontline Doctors Press Conference

Dr. Immanuel – We Don’t Need to Die. There Are Treatments for COVID-19.

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Anxiety, Acne, Fibroadenoma Testimonial Tx 7, Day 13 by KOSA Acupuncture

Anxiety, Acne, Fibroadenoma Testimonial Tx 7, Day 13 by KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to present a testimonial of a patient with anxiety, acne, fibroadenoma, and etc. Not only her physical pains and discomfort have gone but also her emotions have been stabilized even after she has stopped medicines. The size of the fibroadenoma has significantly been being reduced as...