ls slider 1 slide 28 300x169 - Awesome Acupuncturist!

Master Kim is a gifted healer.
I had backache for the past 8 years, tried Homeopathy, Chiropractor, PT, Energy healing and etc. to fail.
But I have been seeing him for a couple of months and back is feeling much better and healthier.
I don’t have it most of the times.
My scoliosis has been improving as well.
I am truly Grateful for your help in recovering my back and regaining my healthy BODY.

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How to win CoronaVirus COVID 19 300x169 - How To Win COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to present how to win coronavirus (COVID-19).
Our body has an excellent self-healing system enough to kill coronavirus.
KOSA Acupuncture shares the information WHO and CDC don’t tell you.
– Can masks protect people from the coronavirus?
– What they don’t tell you about coronavirus
– How to win coronavirus
– Find coronavirus test health center by zip code

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190520.mp4 000060999 300x169 - KOSA Acupuncture Treats Kids Too

KOSA Acupuncture treats kids too.

Many children do not fear needles surprisingly.
Those with needle phobia can still be treated with various tools and devices, which will cause no pain at all.

Please bear in mind that children usually have a more powerful self-healing system than adults.

We have successfully treated children with various conditions even including ADHD and autism and could even avoid surgery, which was strongly recommended by the doctor.

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pain scale chart 3 300x98 - Pain Scale Chart: 1 to 10 Levels by KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture describes pain scale.
One of the hardest things about chronic pain is that only YOU know just how bad your pain feels.
Our pain scale diagram and chart includes an explanation of each of the pain levels that can help you better explain to others the pain you are feeling.

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Parkinsons disease HM 200302 d05 t03 300x169 - Parkinson's Disease Testimonial, HM - KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share a healing journey of male Parkinson’s disease patient (71 years old in age, 5 yr 10 mo).
Every visit has been giving him a better improvement in his various conditions.
This post will be updated every visit he makes until he is fully healthy back and he doesn’t have to see any people in the medical industry even including KOSA Acupuncture.

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Olive oil is not healthy but unhealthy food 300x169 - Olive oil is not healthy but unhealthy food

Many people wrongfully believe the Mediterranean diet is healthy and the reason is people in the 23 Mediterranean countries eat olive oil.
When you eat olive oil the blood flow rate reduces down to 69% 4 hours later and up to 6 hours.
KOSA Acupuncture tells you why the Mediterranean people were healthy.

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KOSA Acupuncture

I don’t have words enough to thank you for your great help!
Seeing my mom and dad getting healthier every day, having got totally improved, and they don’t feel pain any more motivated me to start my own treatment.
And, I have continued to grow my knowledge to have a happy and healthy life with Master Kim’s advice.

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KOSA Acupuncture for Tinnitus 300x169 - Tinnitus Testimonial, LV - KOSA Acupuncture

A male patient (63 years old in age) shares an amazing healing journey of 40+ years tinnitus and other conditions.
Although his major condition is tinnitus, he has been enjoying the side effects of KOSA Acupuncture, which has brought unexpected improvements on his other 16 different kinds of conditions to him.

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The dark history of vaccine 300x169 - The dark history of vaccine

Dr. Randal Tent gives you a two-hour lecture on the dark history of the vaccine. Although the manufacturing vaccine may be close to perfection, its success rate and lethal risks are not told to you. A nation that forgets its past has no future. What is the difference between vaccination and inoculation?

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