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Authored by Byoung Soon Kim (Master Kim) in 2012

The Silver Bullet, KOSA

I’m so thankful for accepting me as your student, dear Master Kim

I am pleased to announce that one of my readers posted his testimonial as soon as he saw my post ...
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Readers' questions about book are answered

Readers’ questions have been being and will be answered at our forum.

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Find what the book is talking about.


Find what the book is talking about.


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Available in eBook and Paperback

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Available in eBook and Paperback


Joined translators group


Joined translators group


Want to join the team? Find out the benefits here.


Want to join the team? Find out the benefits here.


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eBook in English

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The Silver Bullet, KOSA

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A Bala De Prata, KOSA

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Glonţul de Argint, KOSA

eBook en Español

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La Bala Plata, KOSA

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In Progress

Francesc Torrent

Karuna Do

Homepage: http://karunado.com/

Address: Carrer de Novell, 63, Barcelona, Spain 08014

Phone: +34-680-34-70-22 and +34-658 900 459



Lena Katekawa

Address: Rua Abilio Soares 233 cj.102, São Paulo SP Brasil

Phone: 13 991356392


In Progress

Vincent Simart

JBM Formations

Homepage: http://www.jbm-formations.com/jbm

Address: 7 Rue Massenet, 75116 Paris, France

Phone: +33




In Progress

Thorsten Dahlmann

Quell des Lebens

Homepage: https://www.quell-des-lebens.eu/

Address: Im Dorloh 19, 44379 Dortmund, Germany

Phone: +19 0231 6105424



Emilio Jose Gonzalez Dos Santos

email: acusterapia@gmail.com

Address: C/Peña Santa Nº2, 47013 Valladolid, 633171814, Spain

Phone: +34 633171814


Translation progress from English to following languages in alphabetical order.

Completed: Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish

In Progress: Catalan, French, German, Hebrew and Indonesian


KOSA is looking for the team members who want to translate the book into their mother languages.

Please refer to below qualifications and offers.
If you are qualified and interested in joining the great team, please inform KOSA at kosa.america@gmail.com.


Have been born, raised and living in their countries

Have their own professional acupuncture clinics and licenses in their countries

Have purchased and read through the eBook or paperback book

Have emailed the review of the impression to KOSA

Have been approved and accepted by KOSA (CV or resume, certificates, photos, contact information and etc. need to be submitted.)

Have agreed with Non-Disclosure Agreement

Have been accepted by other translators who completed translations

Have computer skills of MS Word (indexing, table, hyper-link and etc.), Image editing and etc.

KOSA’s Offer

KOSA provides all KOSA secrets to them to make them one of the best acupuncturists in the world once the translation including edition has been completed.
This is worth $5,000 U.S.D.

Once published in the translator’s country, whether it is eBook or hard copy, 20% of the net profit will be provided.

Free listing on KOSA web site as members.

Lifetime consultation support for practice.


KOSA’s mission is to provide KOSA treatment to the people in poverty all over the world FOR FREE.

KOSA keeps all rights of the translation.

The translators shall post reviews as per KOSA’s request.

The translators’ web sites shall promote KOSA.

Provides KOSA with the efforts to realize the mutual growth.

Help KOSA to help the people in poverty and in need of health care.

All secrets can be shared after the confirmation that the translation has been completed under the condition that the secret shall not be shared with others.

Administers this Q&A form for the particular language answering questions while discussing with KOSA.

Please join us and enjoy the privilege of being one of the best acupuncturists in the world.