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Weight loss by exercise and/or diet has a success rate of 5%. Being overweight is due to poor metabolism, which indicates an unhealthy liver.

The Silver Bullet, KOSA Acupuncture

Raving Reviews on Anxiety & Irregular menstruation | KOSA Acupuncture

I have been going to Master Kim for several sessions for irregular menstruation, stomach issues, and anxiety.
He is very compassionate and made several recommendations for my overall wellness to include changing my diet.
I have lost 16 pounds thus far and plan to lose more.
My overall health is much better and I am no longer taking medications.

Getting Healthier And Happier Every Day With KOSA Acupuncture

Getting Healthier Every Day – Video Testimonial | KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share a testimonial of a lady who has been getting healthier and happier every day with KOSA Acupuncture.
As declared on our homepage, satisfaction is guaranteed.
It is not just pains but all other conditions (chronic and/or acute, even including mental conditions) are treated at once.

The Silver Bullet, KOSA Acupuncture

My Parents Have No More Pain! | KOSA Acupuncture

I don’t have words enough to thank you for your great help!
Seeing my mom and dad getting healthier every day, having got totally improved, and they don’t feel pain any more motivated me to start my own treatment.
And, I have continued to grow my knowledge to have a happy and healthy life with Master Kim’s advice.

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