KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg, MD is pleased to present the ADHD testimonial.

Mom of 6 years old boy with ADHD shares her son’s amazing self-healing journey.

Mental conditions like the followings are simply different reflections of organs’ unhealthy conditions:
ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Dementia, Depression, Dyslexia, Memory, Panic disorder, and etc.

For example,

A pre-med college girl already with a photographic memory can memorize even faster and can focus on studying even in a cafe with music played around, which she couldn’t do it earlier just after mere three KOSA Acupuncture treatments.

A professional poker player has a way better winning rate than ever before with KOSA Acupuncture treatment.

It is interesting that both of the above people were getting KOSA Acupuncture’s treatment for acne and back pain, respectively and they had never expected to have those amazing improvements.
However, they were lucky enough to enjoy the side effects of KOSA Acupuncture treatment.

Many people have the wrong thoughts that the brain controls organs.

Nevertheless, on the contrary, it is quite opposite that the brain is under the control of organs.

KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg treats children with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Autism, and Dyslexia.
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