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KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share the healing journey of a patient with diabetes and diplopia. With 9 sessions of KOSA Acupuncture treatment over 22 days, he lost diabetes and diplopia including his all other various overlapping conditions, not to mention medicines.




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Understanding diplopia

Important notes


On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, he visited for a free consultation.

He was told that KOSA Acupuncture’s persistent goal is to lose our patients by helping them so healthy that they lose all the conditions, medicines, and people in the medical industry, most importantly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

He said “I will think about it and come back” when he left.

Because our above statement is wild and above and beyond people’s expectations, imagination and common sense (or education) they become skeptical and think we are bluffing.
As a result, they usually don’t come back to get treatment.
He was expected not to come back.

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, surprisingly he came back to get treatment.

His original conditions are as follows:

Acid Reflux, 5 yrs
Anxiety, 3 yrs
Diabetes, 2 yrs
Diplopia (double vision): 1 mo
Enlarged Prostate
Frequent Urination
High Blood Pressure, 3 yrs
High Cholesterol
Sore throat
– Pains in Ankles, Knees, and Thighs

He was taking 6 different kinds of medicines but he decided to stop all medicines after the consultation and indeed stopped them all, cold turkey, which was not expected at all.
However, he didn’t have any withdrawal side effects. As a matter of fact, he even felt better.
This clearly tells us that you don’t have to take medicine just because you were told to by doctors.

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, he paid his last visit for his 9th KOSA Acupuncture treatment.

Because all of his conditions had gone totally or almost gone he didn’t think he needed to seek more help for his conditions.
Also, he was convinced that his organs become healthy enough to do self-healing all by themselves.

He had lost the followings in 22 days of 9 KOSA Acupuncture treatments and his lifestyle change as per our recommendations:

Pains and discomforts
KOSA Acupuncture



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Understanding Diplopia

Eyes and vision are under the control of the liver, which is also responsible for muscle, tendons, ligaments, nails, anger, and reproductive organs.

Because he was diabetic, which indicates his unhealthy liver and his liver was getting unhealthier due to diabetes medicine’s side effects, and his tolerance to stress was not in good shape.

In April of 2018, he had an argument with his friend, in which he became angry and his anger resulted in diplopia.

Important notes


Our body’s self-healing power is very powerful.

It is the patient’s job to eliminate the root causes by following KOSA Acupuncture’s advice.

We walk patients through so that they can easily change their lifestyles so that they can minimize or eliminate the root causes.
This will expedite the patient’s healing progress by making responsible organs healthy and healthy organs treat conditions.
It is our job to educate patients with true information and treat all responsible organs so that all the conditions can be treated at once.

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Although all of the patient’s conditions are treated at once, each condition would show different improvements in progress.

KOSA Acupuncture’s persistent goal is to lose patients ASAP.

Patients become so healthy that they don’t have to take drugs (or medicines) and see any medical practitioners anymore.
We have successfully achieved this goal with a very high success rate.

Patients have nothing to lose other than pain, discomfort, drugs, and excessive weight.

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Listen to your body, which knows how to heal itself.

Numbers on the test cannot judge if you are a patient or not.


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