Insurance Accepted By KOSA Acupuncture

Registration Forms and Prerequisites For Initial Visit

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Registration Forms

With Or Without Insurance: Registration forms

Auto Insurance:

Workers’ Compensation

How To Use Forms

  1. Download the proper form onto your computer and save it.
  2. Once opened, most of the fields can be typed in.
  3. Unless you are with health insurance coverage, you don’t have to fill out health insurance information.​
  4. Once completed, please print the forms out and bring them with you.
  5. If the printer is unavailable, save the file and reopen it to ensure the forms are filled out. Once the file is in good condition please email it to

Please describe all conditions so that they can be treated at once.

You can bring the forms in with you when you visit, or send them over email to


Please bring the filled-out forms as described above.

Please wear clothes loose enough for needles to be used at elbows, knees, and areas with pain, and do not wear lotions.

The main entrance doors are locked from 6:00 PM during weekdays and weekends for your safety. If the entrance doors are locked please call us at +1-918-995-1100.

Please refer to the Contact Us page for the address, map & directions, parking, and floor plan.

House Call available upon request.

Map and Directions

Entrance doors are locked from 6:00 PM during weekdays and all day during weekends for your safety.
Please call +1-918-995-1100 and we’ll let you in.

About Insurance

Most Oklahoman insurance companies do not cover acupuncture.
The veterans can enjoy the acupuncture service provided by the VA.

Please refer to the below post for more details.

Health Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto Insurance

Acupuncture For Veterans Covered By The VA

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Please visit for more details.

A Brief History of KOSA Acupuncture

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Even though acupuncture has thousands of years of history, nobody knew how to utilize the theory (Yin, Yang, and Five Elements).

Saahm (A Korean Ascetic’s pen name) invented formulas approx. 400 years ago and he completed the theory.

Unfortunately, it was lost until the Great Great Master Rhee discovered Saahm’s book in the early 1950s and he studied, treated patients, and taught apprentices.

The Great Great Master Rhee taught The Great Master Kim (my father) who completed the predecessors’ great work and proved that the thesis is not just a thesis but a great unrivaled healing system.

Learn more: About KOSA Acupuncture

Conditions treated by KOSA Acupuncture:

A journey from a patient to an acupuncture Master with KOSA Acupuncture

Purchase Master Kim’s Book, ‘The Silver Bullet, KOSA – NeedleLess Acupuncture

Be An Acupuncture Master Trained By Master Kim:


The Journey From A Patient To An Acupuncture Master

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Listen to your body, which knows how to heal itself.

Numbers on the test cannot judge if you are a patient or not.

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KOSA Acupuncture, The Silver Bullet
KOSA Acupuncture, The Silver Bullet

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