Master Kim at KOSA Acupuncture is good at treating Meniscus Tear Pain

Meniscus Tear Pain Treatment By Master Kim | KOSA Acupuncture

KOSA Acupuncture in Jenks Oklahoma serving Tulsa and the vicinity is pleased to share a meniscus tear pain testimonial. Surgery may not be the only option to treat meniscus tears.

As a matter of fact, we have helped many people considering surgery avoid surgery and those people suffering the aftermath of surgery.



Testimonial on Meniscus Tear Pain

Master Kim’s Reply & Note

Important Notes

Testimonial – Meniscus Tear Pain

Master Kim is very good at treating pain.

I can say I went to him for a meniscus tear pain in my knee and an ankle problem.

Within a week’s time, my pain in the knee and ankle were pretty much gone.

I was amazed at how quickly and effectively his treatment is.
Not only did he help me manage this pain but he also helped with digestion issues I have had as well.
All with needles!!

If you have pain and have tried other treatments only to find them not to work, please go to him for treatment.
His prices are very reasonable but if you’re like me and you were sick of having lingering pain, the price isn’t even an issue when you realize how good his treatment is.

I kid you not, I have had pain in my knee for 6 years and it is all but alleviated.

I have not felt this good ever.
No more pain medication and no more worrying about it impeding my life.

Thanks, Master Kim!

James M.

Master Kim’s Reply & Note about his Meniscus Tear Pain

One thing is missing in this review is that KOSA Acupuncture has a problem so called side-effect.
Even though patients do not tell KOSA symptoms because they forgot or they did not believe that KOSA would be able to help them, KOSA still treat them successfully.

This case is a good example.

Jim’s initial complaints were pains on his knee and ankle.
I told him that he must have problems related to stomach because his stomach must not be healthy enough to fix his knee problem for six years.
Jim denied that he had digestion problem initially.
However, during treatment he told me he was just reminded that he has had digestion problem every once in awhile.

The first treatment relived his digestion problem, period.

Other interesting story about his ankle is, when he was stretching his foot, his ankle was making 10 cracking noise.
Single needle treatment for 10 seconds made the number down to 2 even with weaker noise.
A few minutes later, it was not making noise any more and, of course, he was able to stretch fully.

As always I feel happy seeing all of my patients get well so quick, I am happy for Jim and for having another believer in KOSA Acupuncture.
Thank you, Jim, for your kindness and believing in KOSA Acupuncture.

Master Kim

Important Notes


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Skepticism Cannot Beat KOSA Acupuncture

Our body’s self-healing power is very powerful. It is the patient’s job to eliminate the root causes by following KOSA Acupuncture’s advice. We walk patients through so that they can easily change their lifestyle so that they can minimize or eliminate the root causes. This will expedite the patient’s healing progress by making responsible organs healthy and healthy organs treat conditions.
It is our job to educate patients with true information and treat all responsible organs so that all the conditions can be treated at once.
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Nevertheless, each condition would show different improvements in progress.

KOSA Acupuncture’s persistent goal is to lose patients ASAP.
Patients become so healthy that they don’t have to take drugs (or medicines) and see any medical practitioners anymore. We have successfully achieved this goal with a very high success rate.
Patients have nothing to lose other than pains, discomforts, drugs, and excessive weight.

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Listen to your body, which knows how to heal itself.

Numbers on the test cannot judge if you are a patient or not.

KOSA Acupuncture, The Silver Bullet
KOSA Acupuncture, The Silver Bullet

Meniscus Tear Pain

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