Schools Mandating Of Masking And Vaccination

Schools Mandating Of Masking And Vaccination | KOSA Acupuncture

Schools Mandating Of Masking And Vaccination

Vandalia School Board Hears Concerns of District Residents

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A concerned parent follows the money and the schools mandating masking and vaccination. The Vandalia School Board heard from two residents of the school district during its monthly meeting on Monday night 09/20/2021. During the public comment section, two people requested to speak to the board with Carol Kerr being the first to address the board.

Kerr explained that she had come before the board to ask them two questions. After explaining she had researched that showed masks are dangerous, she said through her research she decided to “follow the money” and asked if the district was receiving money in exchange for having masking and protocols in place.

School Board President Joe Lawson explained that the district would still receive its general state aid funding per student for complying which the district has been doing after the Illinois State Board of Education had told schools in the state that they were in danger of not receiving their normal funding for noncompliance and district’s accreditations would be put in danger. Kerr then pointed to federal funds the state received and money that the school has received from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund).

Kerr then asked where the money that the school received had gone and Vandalia Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Garrison explained that $4 million of the ESSER funds are being used for a building project that has been discussed at several prior meetings.

During her Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Garrison discussed the hearing she had with ISBE advocating for the local plan and talked about it being more than just a fight about the masking but also about curriculum and local control.

Dr. Garrison also discussed what would happen if a temporary restraining order would happen as there have been different situations happening around the state with court orders and school districts. After comments were being made by the public outside of the public comment time of the meeting, the board wrapped up the reports section of the meeting and moved on to the next agenda item which was an executive or closed session.

She schools the school board.

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Schools Mandating Of Masking

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