VAs can get acupuncture service through insurance

Acupuncture in VA – No-Cost Acupuncture Treatments

KOSA Acupuncture in Tulsa Oklahoma is pleased to inform you that veterans CAN get acupuncture services through insurance in the local VA system. Many veterans suffer physical conditions like arthritis, joints pains, muscular pains, and skeletal pains and mental conditions like post-combat stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, insomnia, anger, flashbacks, operational stress, battle-mind stress, and running thoughts, which can easily be helped by KOSA Acupuncture.


Ask your primary care physician and/or psychiatrist to request your local VA system to get approval including the number of sessions and type of services.

The approval can be for experimental or regular visits depending on the VA’s decision.

The followings are sample documents between a veteran, VA, and KOSA Acupuncture.

VHA Medical Documentation – Sample

Download link: VHA_Medical_Documentation,pdf

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Approved Referral Letter – Sample

Download link: Approved_Referral_Letter.pdf

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Approval Letter – Sample

Download link: Approval_Letter.pdf

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Important notes


Our body’s self-healing power is very powerful.

It is the patient’s job to eliminate the root causes by following KOSA Acupuncture’s advice.

We walk patients through so that they can easily change their lifestyle so that they can minimize or eliminate the root causes. This will expedite the patient’s healing progress by making responsible organs healthy and healthy organs treat conditions. It is our job to educate patients with true information and treat all responsible organs so that all the conditions can be treated at once.
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Nevertheless, each condition would show different improvements in progress.

KOSA Acupuncture’s persistent goal is to lose patients ASAP. Patients become so healthy that they don’t have to take drugs (or medicines) and see any medical practitioners anymore. We have successfully achieved this goal with a very high success rate. Patients have nothing to lose other than pains, discomforts, drugs, and excessive weight.

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Listen to your body, which knows how to heal itself.

Numbers on the test cannot judge if you are a patient or not.

Acupuncture in VA

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